The protagonist, Ogilvy ( a great grandson of the HG Wells astronomer character in War of the Worlds) is a young mathematical economist who proves the Copeman Equation. In doing so becomes, at age 21, the youngest person in history to win the Noble Prize for economics


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Based on a true story



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Copeman's Equation

In the complete economic model :

for lim n -> 1
Y(t+n) = M (t) X(t,k) + E -> X(t+n) = ΛX(t)


Y is a complete vector of dependant economic variables
t is a discreet time period at which variables can be measured
n is a discreet time period, such that at t and t+n variables can be measured
M is a matrix of higher order non linear functions of x(t, t-1.....t-k)
k is a complete lag structure
X is a complete vector of economic variables
E is a vector of errors whose sum of squares is distributed normally.
Λ is Lambda, an eigen vector of M
-.> is “tends to” in the sense of a mathematical limit.
Complete is as described by Godels Theorem.
Economic variables are real world measures


The most important informtion that matters in a complete economic model of the future, is knowing where you are now and what are the stationary functions that determine Λ
X can be described as a vector of Markov Processes.

Proof : ... (to be completed)