The Scottish Accountant

Rhodes meets his accountant to go over trust matters

Malembu, the revolutionary

Copeman :

I have been looking for a new antagonist for Johnny C. I asked Night Cafe Studio to create:

Portrait of Malembu, the revolutionary.

Johnny C Rhodes

There I was on a Sunday Morning :

Johnny C walks up to the first tee at Trump International Aberdeen, a beautiful golf course with stunning views of the North Sea. He's playing with none other than Donald Trump, the newly crowned American president. The previous night, they had attended the coronation ceremony, and now they're discussing the oath.

Trump was a bit miffed that he hadn't been invited to the coronation,


I need a short piece on Johhny C playing golf with Trump at Trump International Aberdeen morning after the Coronation. discuss the oath, American-English relations.

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JohnnyC lives in the newnormal, on the boundary between reality and the fantasy of a dystopian near future. Drugs, Drink and fast women blur the borders.

Just correct these points:
Trump did not go to the coronation,
he is a bit miffed that Johnny C got invited.
JohnnyC got an invite, took Harry as his plus one, but agreed to meet Trump, with Harry in Aberdeen.

"That kid need's a DNA test, he may be surprised by the outcome." More ..

Rewrite please.

There I was ...

An early start to Sunday morning another great day ahead. I get to play golf with the Next American President at his luxurious golf course in Aberdeen.

"Hey Harry, it's Johnny C. Are we still good for today?"

He makes no mention of thanks for me getting him into the Coronation as my Plus One. No kidding its one of the hardest to get tickets in the World. Instead he makes out that getting to play a three ball on a sunday morning in Scotland, with a cabal of world dominators, is his way of doing me a favour

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Absolutely Johnny ...

"Absolutely, Johnny," He responds. "I'm looking forward to it."

We meet at the course, and I can feel the beast building inside of me. Here I am about to play golf with two of the most powerful men in the world. "Johnny C! It's great to see you!" Trump says, flashing a big smile and the latest Calloway Fargivemness. "It's an honor, Mr. President," I feel the rush as the Beast takes his first hit.

We exchange pleasantries and head on to the green carpet. We share a few laughs and locker room banter, but soon, Trump brings up the issue of the oath of allegiance. "Johnny, I heard you were invited to the coronation. Did you take the oath?"

“I was there, just let me play my shot.”

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Trump can't contain his bitterness ...

Trump can’t contain his bitterness about not cracking the invite nod. He ignores me, and presses on while entering a number on his mobile and waiting for a response, "You know, Johnny, I don't think I could ever swear allegiance to a monarch," he Trumps, while improving his lie with the back of his rare earth coated putter. "I'm an American First. It’s not our Style to do that kind of thing."

“I was there” I repeat myself.

“Yeah but did you take the oath?”

Even Harry stands up from his putt and looks at me to hear the answer.

How little these Americans understand the ways of the Empire.

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The Oath is Secret ...

"The oath is secret, its a personal choice. Like a vote, it is not disclosed.” I reply confidently. "It was an incredible experience, do you think I took it?" A relieved Harry, strokes in his putt and circles himself for a two club.

Trump nods approvingly, and then at his presumptuous, bumptuous best, "Great to hear, Johnny. Important to show our loyalty to leaders."

We finish up an amazing game of opportunity. Golf with important people, and the chance to disect important issues. The cabal gives the Empire a chance to fight back. The Beast retires for his afternoon nap. The future is up and I am confident good things are on event horizon.

- end.

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