Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH




Who this course is for and what you will achieve.



TurboCASH General Ledger

Introduction to TurboCASH

Introduction to Accounting



Introduction to TurboCASH


ADD Quickstart  (3:30)

For those who are only prepared to invest 3 minutes into their financial future.


Why Accounting?  (4:45)

Accounting Made Easy Welcome, why even bother to do accounting? Isn't it easier just to let someone else do it?


What is TurboCASH?  (4:45)

More importantly what TurboCASH Isn't. Every Company needs a General Ledger, but you may need other packages too.


Installing TurboCASH  (3:30)

The steps to getting TurboCASH installed and starting the tutorials.


Introduction to Accounting

Using a computer in accounting (2:03)

How computers improve the accounting experience

Accounting Principles(2:35)

How transactions are captured and categorised

The Transaction Cycle (3:52)

What are the transactions that make up daily business?

The Accounting Equation (3:52)

Why books always balance, GAAP and IFRS

The Ledger (3:23)

The Ledger and Control Accounts


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks on Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH is aimed at the TurboCASH 5 subscriber.

Windows Focus(2:30)

TurboCASH is an SDI single document interface, find out how to use your modal TurboCASH windows

CSV to TC5 imports (4:33)

Save repetitive entry and import CSV files

Translating TurboCASH(6:53)

Configure TurboCASH to any language or any accounting terminology - customers in multiple languages

Choosing Your Country(4:33)

Configure TurboCASH to hundreds of countries

More coming soon...

Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH is aimed at the TurboCASH 5 subscriber. It will help you with your TurboCASH 4 experience, but it is built for TurboCASH 5 Business Class comfort.


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