Multiuser Accounting with TurboCASH



TurboCASH MultiUser

You may still be using TurboCASH 4 or you are a TurboCASH 5 subscriber, but you will already have caught a glimpse of the power of a full blown TurboCASH, a blockchain secured double entry batch processing general ledger, with a powerful SQL reportwriter. The good news is that as you expand TurboCASH gets even better. You can run a full multiuser system on your network, with multiple users and all for $200 a year or $19 per month, saving yourself thousands over the heavier offerings.





What are the limits?


The limits are as much as you are prepared to invest in developing your infrastructure architecture. Use a VPN, cloud or hybrid cloud to extend your infrastructure and not have to change your $200 per year subscription. Multiple companies, multiple users, multiple locations.


You get the flexibility of the single user system at lightning speed, with the added benefit of access control and blockchain protection. You are free to run a really big business or a really high volume business with TurboCASH.





More Coming soon...

Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH is aimed at the TurboCASH 5 subscriber. It will help you with your TurboCASH 4 experience, but it is built for TurboCASH 5 Business Class comfort.


Get the full course and 400 Page tutorial manual with your Single User Subscription $60 per year

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