TurboCASH in the cloud


The mission of TurboCASH in the Cloud is to allow Accountants to share Accounting Data under Windows Server and Terminal Server Security.


Each user is designated a part of a shared 24X7 Server and their data is protected with Blockchain and Microsoft Security. Users can Log in from Microsoft Remote Client and work simultaneously in Multiple TurboCASH Sets of Books. Ideal for remote teams from 2 to 100 users.

How it works

We hold and manage access and security of a Windows Server. We keep this up to date with the latest copy of TurboCASH 5 Mulituser. You can updoad and download sets of books.

Users sign in with Remote Desktop Server (Part of Windows 10, work with TurboCASH and share the data with your team.



TurboCASH Cloud Seats are sold individually at a monthly charge of $50 per month per seat. This includes a multi-user client subscription of $19 per month and 90% uptime, 24X7 access to the secured server.

All Microsoft licences are paid by us. Your only requirement is that you have a licenced copy of Windows 10 with Remote Terminal Server Installed.

Getting A System for Free

TurboCASH in the Cloud is aimed at Teams that have a per person company Turnover of over $1,000 per month. If you do not have this turnover or the means to finance the monthly subscription of $50, then you should investigate the free system in TurboCASH 4.

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Ideal for Remote teams with 1 to 100 users. Grow you business without having to change your accounting software.

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Start your new business as a remote accountant. Run as many companies as you like. We handle the backups and security

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Use TurboCASH in the cloud to contact, audit and assess two million TurboCASH downloads

Run Anywhere. Remote login with Terminal Server.

Enter transactions and documents. Expand to include multiple users. Then you are not bound to your desktop. Your Subscription lets you run on your Desktop and on any Windows Remote Terminal Service devices including compatible web browsers, to give you secure global access with full control.

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And last but not least, Build Capital.

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