Leans on Beethoven, George Bernard Shaw, Latin 3-2 Clave, Amapiano Beats

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Lyrics and Chords Amapiano
Follow the 3-2 Clave

First Verse

They say the|
Cm G Cm G
The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain
Oh Yes shes got it
Fm Cm Ab Cm
The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain
G Cm Ab
Oh Yes shes got it she's got it
G Cm G Cm
Yeah Baby shes got it

Second Verse

Now once a |
Cm G Cm
gain Where does it rain?
G Cm
On the plain
On the plain And |
Fm Cm Ab Cm
where's that blasted plain? In Spain, In Spain

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain

I'm not the feather plucker
but the feather pluckers son.
And I'm only plucking feathers
Till the Feather plucker
comes. How kind of you to let me
come. Yes shes
got it. shes
got it.
yeah baby shes
G7 Cm Ab
got it
G7 Cm Ab

How kind of you to let me come.
How kind of you to let me come.

How kind ... to come
How kind ... to come

uh - uh..


Alto (Strings, sax and/or Vocals)


Double bass






The Music

Philip Copeman 24 July 2003

Intro 12 Bars
Cm-G-|Cm-G- |Cm-G-|G--- |
Fm---|Cm-Ab-|Cm-G-|Cm--- |
Ab---|G--- |Cm-G-|Cm--- ||

vocal Interlude 24 Bars

Cm-G-|Cm-G- |Cm-G-|G--- |
Fm---|Cm-Ab-|Cm-G-|Cm--- |
Ab---|G--- |Cm-G-|Cm--- ||

Amapiano is dance music. Cannot go off beat, or play accross the clave.

Piano Solo
Piano keeps Theme and plays the Clave

Bass Solo
Plays the Theme

Drum Solo
Drummer keeps Theme and plays the Clave

C--- |C--- |C--- |C--- |
Fm---|Fm---|C--- |C--- |
G--- |G--- |G-CmAb|G-CmAb|


Amapiano Background




Amapiano is a dance genre that emerged in South Africa in 2012. It is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterized by synths, airy pads and wide and percussive basslines. Amapiano is distinguished by high-pitched piano melodies, Kwaito basslines, low tempo 90s South African house rhythms and percussions from another local subgenre of house known as Bacardi.

The genre was born in the townships of South Africa, especially in the Gauteng province. Amapiano is a lifestyle and culture rather than just music.

Beat and tempo

Amapiano is played strictly at a tempo of 112 BPM. (moderato)

The underlying beat is a shaker at 16th notes, overlaid with a log drum playing 8th notes. The log drum can be aproximated by the Bass marimba.

The piano and synths are added playing 8th notes.

Enter Jazzburg

We gonna play it live.

The piano is supplemented by Double Bass and Drums. This creates a six piece band. Or a six voice synth.

The piano, the bass and the drums play the melody, the root and a 3-2 Rhumba clave. The marimba and the shaker play the clave.

The Altos play the melody and bind to the clave.




The greatest composer of all time - died 1824. He left behind an unmatched legacy that would have been great for piano alone. Most of his work have been transcribed to Piano/Dual Pianos, and provide a massive platform for interpretation.

As composer. Beethoven was specific about Dynamic and Tempo.

This project aims to maintain this integrity by referring interpretations to the urtext.

We are going to honor this genius by rendering his works for computer performance and outperform human players!

Get Urtext(paid)




I first encountered midi 20 years ago, Pianos promised to be the first instruments that would fall to the onslaught of midi.

We could get to a certain level but not further. Tech has evolved.

Prediction :

In a very short time in the future, The finest Concert pieces will be played by computers! Join us in making this possible.

Here is a brief introduction to midi for classical piano players.


Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement

Get the music
Ogg Vorbis
Score of classicman

Pieces under review:

Rage over a Lost Penny
Beethovens 5th Symphony 1st Mv
Beehovens 5th Piano Concerto
Beethovens 7th Symphony 2nd Mv
Triple Concerto
Tchaikovsky 1st
Carl Czerny Op 139 100 exersises

Suggestions Welcome


Get Involved

We publish all material under Creative Commons International 4.0 This gives you the freedom to download and use the material for your own benefit (even material gain) and freedom to contribute to further development.


Concert pianists to play enter midi files
Score editors to establish authenticty on Dynamic and Tempo
Score editors to add Drum and Bass Parts
Midi engineers to transform Score exports to playable Midi
Sound engineers to record midi output
Performers to produce studio tracks.
Sound engineers to mix and master sound track
Video Engineers to develop performances
Code developers to analyse and interpret files.

Make your contributions on github


Also Sprach Zarathustra

Sunrise Fantare
By Richard Straus arr. for Jazz Trio ny Philip Copeman (2020)
Scored for Tympany, Bass Hand Drum and Cymbols, but can sub African Marimba, Djembe and Drum Kit
Creative Commons International 4.0 This gives you the freedom to download and use the material for your own benefit (even material gain) and freedom to contribute to further development.
Used commonly for sunrise scenes and opening of an act.
score and parts PDF
Ogg Vorbis

Download Parts
Piano pdf
Double Bass pdf
Drums pdf

Make your contributions on github


Development Roadmap

Play Moonlight Sonata as best possible by computer
Develop Jazz Trio renditions of Beethoven pieces
Develop Midi coding techniques to build player profiles
Render player profiles on the Piano Repetoire!

Midi Piano

No human piano player, no matter how good they are, can play perfectly. Midi pianos play perfectly. They sound like computers! Our ears are so used to listening to live music that we have become attuned to imperfections.
To make midi computers play like people we have to introduce imperfections.
As you listen more and more to computer music, your listening changes. After a while you start to demand perfection and all human players, sound out of time!
There is much to do here on performance, mix computer and human parts to create your own stunning performances.

Jazz Trio

Beethoven never encountered a Piano Jazz Trio. Slapping Double Bass and the modern Drum Kit only evolved in the Early 20th century. The Jazzburg Project creates Jazz Trio Scores and open mixable midi files that can be used by performers willing to produce. The Jazz Trio genre provides a middle ground link from classical piano to techno midi.


String instruments and Brass instruments are difficult to implement in midi. The easiest of these is the double bass, and the plucked acoustic bass is the strating implementation.


Kits are long standing midi sounds and have developed substantially. It is difficult to hear the differnece between and human drummer and a cimputer drummer, except that the human is likely to be out of time!


Musescore notation software

Download Musescore

No brainer free open source project. Massive community. Notation and midi export. Offers free software Midi instruments of beginner quality. You must at least have this software to begin on the Jazzburg Project

Midi DAWs

The jury is still out on which DAWs we should use. Must be Free and must have support for VST Plugins. Where we go here will be chosen by the contributors

Traction 7
Ohm Studio
Bandlab Cakewalk
Anvil Studio
Pro tools First
Open Midi
Ableton Live
(This will cost $99 but may be worth it.)

VST Plugins for Jazz Trio

FreeVST Yamaha C5 grand Piano
IvyAudio Steinway Model B Free VST Double Bass.
Free VST Precision Bass (Ample Sound)
VST Double Bass (Ample Sound) $149 Free VST MT Power Drum Kit
Kontact Samples

Philip Copeman

Project Leader


Amazing Grace

An oldie but goodie played in D Phrygian.

One chord is cool (Gm/D), two chords is fine (Dm), three chords is jazz (Ebmaj)

- Lou Reed

Free Download

Creative Commons Int 4.0

PDF Score



Ogg Vobis




The Crime is Metal Rock

Metal Rock in D Phrygian

Free Download

Creative Commons Int 4.0

PDF Score



Ogg Vobis