Every Business needs a TurboCASH General Ledger


For every stage of your Business.


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Love Business.


HATE expensive Accounting Packages

Every Business needs a General Ledger.

A General Ledger not only tells you have been, but also where you are, and where you are going. A financial framework to turn your dreams into reality. Without TurboCASH Accounting your business dreams may simply be destined to be dreams.

In any business you are going to need a ledger and a spreadsheet and be able to move data between them

What makes TurboCASH different as an accounting package is that, like a spreadsheet, it will work for the smallest business to the largest, without having to relearn the process. What ever stage you are in, you may already be running a General Ledger – in your head, on a spreadsheet, using an accounting package or using an ERP system. TurboCASH will enhance these activities and products and guide you on a path of sustainability or growth.


For as little as $6 a month,

change your business with the best investment you may ever make and never have to change software from student to solopreneur to SME to Corporation

Flexible accounts set up
Spreadsheet data entry
Multi language, multi company, multiuser
Batch Driven double entry
Comes with full SME Stock Control Invoicing and POS

No onerous accounting fees
Never out of balance
Never trap your data
No lock-in or gouging you for revenue
No expensive consultants to run TurboCASH


TurboCASH. from $6 monthly or $60 per year





You have a dream for a business, but have not launched yet.

You are still learning what spreadsheets and accounting packages are.

TurboCASH comes with tutorials that teach you accounting and computerised accounting. $6 per month is a great way to start investing in your business even before you go live.


You work alone and keep your accounting in your head or on a spreadsheet.

TurboCASH is built on GAAP and IFRS principles. This is a good time to start builing the IT blocks that will allow you to sustain or grow you business. The reporting framework t will guide you dopwn the principles that underlie all successful business.

Produce invoices and other documents that give your business a professional finish.


TurboCASH. from $6 monthly or $60 per year





You use a spreadsheet or even another accounting package to do your accounting.

If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use TurboCASH. It is a small step to adopt a double entry system that will ensure that your books are always in balance and ready to report to revenue or financial stakeholders. Flexible import and export features let you share your data with other systems.

You will find TurboCASH excellent for reporting, tax subs mission or preparing working papers.


You use a high end accounting package or an ERP package to run your large business. You make spreadsheet reports

TurboCASH is an excellent opportunity to summarise data, plan and simulate the future. The batch system allows you to try and model scenarios. You may also have subsidiary entities like pensions, bursaries investment that are simply much easier to run separately and still have rigorous reporting standards.


TurboCASH. from $6 monthly or $60 per year


User Stories


User Stories

"Hi Philip

I am grateful for having chosen your company and its software, and ignoring the jokes about cheap software. For me it was about functionality and user-friendliness. I have trained lots of people since in the software and have loaded the software for many clients.

I am and will always be a staunch supporter of your initiatives, and your principles of utilising Opensource and the acceptance and incorporation of the contributions of the world wide community to provide the best accounting software."

Jerome Levendal
Levendal & Associates Incorportated
Register Chartered Accountants & Auditors
TurboCASH user since 1993

"What can I say? I have used TurboCASH for forty years."

Chris Mostert
Replay Media
TurboCASH user since 1984

"TurboCASH is a comprehensive tool that can cater to various accounting needs, from simple bookkeeping to complex financial reporting. It’s a community-driven project, which means it relies on user feedback and contributions to improve and evolve over time. If you’re looking for an affordable and robust accounting solution, TurboCASH could be a good option to consider."

ChatGPT 2024


I run a major Independent Television Production Company. We process hundreds of complex invoices and purchases monthly, each document seething with the self interests of our partners, many of whom are themsleves public companies. We reconcile multiple bank accounts and projects . TurboCASH ensures that we have timeous resolutions of outstandings and that all tax compliance is met. We have submitted our accounts in TurboCASH for over twenty years years, both as an unlisted and listed company.

Patience Stevens
Tswelopele Productions
TurboCASH user since 1997

this software is outstanding.... i recommend it to a lot of small business owners in my community.... i have been using it since the days of PINK SOFTWARE..... and progressed over the years

Mogamat Keraan
TurboCASH user since 2002

Turbocash has been good for me. I’m still learning, every now and then I figure out how to do something I didn’t realise could be done. I’m from a trade based, hands on background, with not much education, left school at 15, almost 50 yrs ago, making money for the last few years from sales.

TC has helped me a lot since I moved into sales, which was accidental really. I never really started the sales business as a business, it just sort of happened!

Joe Keaveney
Keaveney Heating Systems Ltd
TurboCASH user since 2015

"I am enjoying the UK. I have just been busy with the transition to online learning. I main subject which I teach is Auditing to CTA students I will be commencing with the Turbocash classes from mid September so busy with the other courses which I am involved with. The Rhodes students will commence their computer accounting module next week".

Leon Cooprasamy
MCom (Accounting) CA (SA) Lecturer (Auditing and Accounting)
Reading, United Kingdom
TurboCASH Teacher since 2017

LOVE working from home.


HATE going to the office.




Run a really big business remotely with TurboCASH.


What you get


What You don't get

favorite_border A full single-user copy of TurboCASH 5 for as long as you subscribe.
favorite_borderYou can revert to free forever TurboCASH 4 at anytime you feel the $6 per month is overwhelming. It gonna feel like sticking needles in your eyes, but its free.
favorite_borderA unlimited, free forever, use of TurboCASH 4 if you want to distribute it to parters.
favorite_borderA set of tutorials and pdfs free forever.
favorite_borderSupporting spreadsheets, free forever.

favorite_borderNo Crippleware in any form. You get full versions of TurboCASH.

favorite_borderNo Email Torrent trying to upsell you. We have a multiuser version for $19 a month and cloud versions from $100 a month. These are entirely at your choice, but are helpful when you are using TurboCASH to pump out large volumes of transactions.

favorite_borderNo Copious offers of consulting and training services. The world has been led to believe that you need an expensive support team to guide you through accounting. When did you last call for support on your spreadsheet? That’s how it has to be with accounting software - intuitive. Our help files and forums are sufficient for those with the resilience to succeed.

LOVE your spreadsheet.


HATE accounting




Load your data into a spreadsheet and let TurboCASH do your accounting.


LOVE Accounting.


HATE visual impairement



Use TurboCASH on LARGE monitors.



LOVE Paypal.


HATE accounting



Download your Paypal Reports and let TurboCASH do your accounting




TurboCASH 5 Business Class

Faster, Slicker and more leg room!

More Features

TurboCASH Accounting has communities in 80 Countries and we have been able to sustain a market position over 20 years against systems that cost 10 times the price. We run a Freemium model. TurboCASH 5 Free is free. TurboCASH 5 Business Class is aimed at business users.

TurboCASH 5 Business Class $60 per year single user, $200 per year multiuser. 



TurboCASH 4 Free

TurboCASH Free is ideal for people that earn less than $10 a hour. Accounting is a serious business. Your time is important to us. TurboCASH 5 Business Class is a better product because we buy in expensive components. They are expensive to implement, but when the cost is shared they make it well worth it.


TurboCASH Accounting has communities in 80 Countries and we have been able to sustain a market position over 20 years against systems that cost 10 times the price. We run a Freemium model. TurboCASH 4 is free. TurboCASH 5 is aimed at business users.

TurboCASH 5 $60 per year single user, $200 per year multiuser. 



TurboCASH 5 Evaluation

We do not copy protect TurboCASH 5 single user. We want you to take out a subscription because you want to, not because you have to. We provide you an  evaluation at $ 6 per month on the understanding that if you use TurboCASH 5 in your Business, you take out a Subscription for $60 per year (you will not be disappointed).




We run across all time zones sometimes there can be a delay in sending you the download links. All members are manually approved. Cuts spam and ups security. Please be patient.

A note on email privacy :  TurboCASH has absolutely no value unless you open an email conversation with us or a reseller in your territory. 'This is a real living community of SME's. If you don't want to hear from us - we got it - best stop right here.




Why buy TurboCASH 5?

Free TurboCASH 4  has now fallen behind TurboCASH 5.


Free is great, but for accounting, there are just better commercial components out there. We can either ignore them or take advantage of our joined buying power. We have managed to package these together for $60 a year, a price that you wont feel you are paying to support people getting the software free. Do not be fooled by the cheap price. Its great software but because of the community nature of TurboCASH (we don't have outside share holders or debts) we want to pass the benefit onto you. We are proud that we have $10 M companies running on a $ 60 package! That is how software should be!


Keeping the subscription price at $60 (or lower if we can) means getting as many users as possible to take out the subscription. You should consider that when you choose the subscription you are helping not only your self, but thousands of others to get great software at a ridiculous price.




So which one do you choose?  Free is great but not always the best option. In short, if you earn $10 an hour  or less and have no desire to change this, take the free TurboCASH 4. If you earn more than $10 an hour or want to earn more than $10 an hour TurboCASH'5 is going to help you do that. Take the paid subscription and lets begin to build Capital. If you are serious about business, the $60 will soon disappear as an issue.


I would rather you used TurboCASH 5 than TurboCASH 4, but given the open source history of our product I can understand that for many reasons, some of you need TurboCASH for free (for students etc).  Get TurboCASH 4


If I pay does someone else get a free ride?


In summary - Yes. In Principle - No.


Sure everyone starts out trying to avoid the $60 (I would too),  I myself fought for many years to keep TurboCASH absolutely free. Eventually it becomes obvious to even the hardest bookkeeper that it is being penny foolish not to take advantage of the commercial services on offer.


We do offer free software to the destitute and those that earn less that $10 an hour, but by helping them to become profitable, they soon give up their ways of poverty and join us.


Helping them now means that in the future we will get another user joining us and helping us to build a powerful community.


As a community we face real challenges. The world is changing fast and we must adapt or die. When we started out in open source there were no free accounting packages. The world is now filled with free packages that take you nowhere. Worse, there are large proprietary companies there to engulf your data and turn you into an annuity item on their income statement. It is our intention to move away from a focus on free and to focus on powering up the TurboCASH system. I am committed to getting you this technology at the cheapest possible price. Right now that price is $60 per year.



Schools, Colleges and Universities

We will give free version to educators and those who have a real need for free. Wanting the other TurboCASH  users to pay to develop a joint infrastructure that you can use for free  is not a real need. As we move into cloud based systems there are now real costs to be met jointly. It is our intention to widen the contributions and keep the cost of participation low. Our current price of  $60 is not because it is cheap software, it is because we believe many will take up the subscription and share the cost of development. Get Free TurboCASH 5



The Future of TurboCASH

If you start loading your valuable business data into TurboCASH (or any accounting package) ,you should be very concerned about where your accounting vendor is going. Your investment could be thousands or hundreds of thousands.


We have not turned our back on open source - we intend to leverage open source as much as possible, Our developers work in the following open source projects - Hyper ledger, Docker, Nodejs. Expect exciting products to integrate with TurboCASH.


If we are able to get sufficient support from the rest of the TurboCASH users, we can move forward. Our current funding model allows us to maintain and keep TurboCASH current as a desktop application. We can run a web based community that provides front line support and connects users. The program is stable and can function both as low volume user (A bit too complex for the first time user) and can expand to a multi user high volume user (a bit too flaky on security for high volumes). However this compromise means that you can expand your business to $ 10 M plus without having to change your accounting package half way.


This is not good enough.

We plan development two to three years ahead. Some of the terminology may sound geekish to you. What we plan for now puts us ahead in the future.

Do not think for one moment that we are not in a war with big business. Given our history and momentum we should be able to do TurboCASH delivery at around one tenth of the price of the public companies. What we have on our side as SMEs is our agility. What we need is our software to work for us and not for someone else.

These are the areas we need to progress:

Compliance - Governments (Your Governments - you voted for them) are ever more eager to tax the Internet and reign in the traders. Compliance is the best way to optimize your tax position. We strive to help you.

Cloud infrastructure -  we need to develop a web based system that will allows TurboCASH users to reach out to other systems in the cloud.

Microservices - These agile systems start to make our old style silo systems (like TurboCASH) look flat footed. Time to upgrade our architecture.

Blockchain - there is a revolution at our doorstep. Current accounting systems are centered around banks. This is going to change in the future with peer to peer settlements. We need to develop now so that TurboCASH users are at the front of this revolution.

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